A Cute Story

The Chassidic master, Rebbe David of Talna, was famous for his wisdom and wit. In particular, he had a way of reaching people with psychiatric problems.

One time, a man was sent to him who was psychotic, with a delusion that he was Moshiach.Rebbe David said to him, “Do you know who I am?”

The man said, “Of course. You are the tzaddik of Talna.”

“Then you understand that I have ruach hakodesh (Divine inspiration)?” the Rebbe said.

“Of course,” the man said.

“And with ruach hakodesh, I know that you are Moshiach,” the Rebbe said.

“Of course,” the man said.

“But I keep that a secret. I never reveal that to anyone,” Rebbe David said. “That is what you must do. Never reveal it to anyone.”

The man never again claimed he was Moshiach. He kept the secret, and was able to live a normal life.